5 Tips For Weight Loss – An Alternative Approach, Hypnosis

A major issue with any change is that people sometimes have aspirations, but expect to continue doing the same thing and get a different result. It was Einstein who described this as the height of insanity. Be honest with yourself – If you’ve tried a number of different without long-term results then DIETS DON’T WORK. Say goodbye forever to calorie counting, meal plans, weigh-ins, dieting pills, questionable diet food products and the other nonsense out there. It takes a little bit of courage and you can do it!

Food is not the enemy; the way you perceive food may have become something that you need to work on though. How does the way you think about food differ from a naturally slim person? Has food become a crutch? Do you look at food as something to be enjoyed or as something you have to resist, feel guilty about or fight against constantly? What does this ‘constant battle mentality’ do for you?

Have you ever considered the emotional triggers which cause you to overeat? To be aware of them you need to be really honest with yourself. Do you eat when you’re stressed, bored or when you feel elated at something? Are you aware of what you need to be aware of? I have found that when people deal with the underlying emotional side of overeating their eating habits change long-term.
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Are you being flexible enough or do you allow perfectionist tendencies to trip you up? If you have a day when you overeat after eating appropriately for ten days do you beat yourself up and engage with negative self-talk? Do you see the bigger picture and the pointlessness of guilt or are you focusing in on negativity?

Do you love your body and yourself? Doing both will help you to reduce your weight. Loving yourself refers more to self acceptance and positive self-talk rather than an egotistical type of self love which is based on insecurity. I have found that a lot of people associate reduced weight with improved self-esteem, but actually it’s the other way round – improve your self esteem, reduce your weight.

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5 Tips For Weight Loss – An Alternative Approach, Hypnosis