Create a Cozy Vignette with a Striking Queen Bedspread

It’s What People Notice Most It’s quite obvious to anyone that the center of attention in any room is the bed. After all, it’s the biggest piece of furniture in there and is what most people see upon entering a bedroom.
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And while a king or California king-sized bed would overwhelm most rooms, the queen-sized bed is one that many people feel comfortable with. After all, it can fit nicely into a smallish or mid-sized room while still looking large enough for a bigger one. It’s a bed size that is a great compromise for most homes.

Why Forget the Bed?

Unfortunately, people do tend to ignore the bed when decorating. It’s a shame, since having a spectacular bed would do so much into putting your personality into your bedroom. One way to do this is to create a vignette near or with your bed. The base of all this would be your queen bedspread, naturally.

Choose a queen bedspread that would complement the bedroom but not blend into it so much that it disappears entirely. One good suggestion is to let the bedspread pick up the colors used to decorate the room. For example, beautiful floral damask or a toile could be the inspiration for the room itself.

Create a Look

A bedspread make from a chintz with a butter-yellow background and decorated with bouquets of blue hydrangeas, white orange blossoms, and pinks could well inspire a room with happy, buttery walls livened up with a hydrangea blue stripe, a lounge chair done in blue fabric with a hand-woven pillow of white, yellow, and pink stripes, and a carved nightstand topped with a small pitcher of creamy white and filled with a profusion of white, yellow, and pink tea roses. Standing beside a light purple-blue lamp with a cream shade and an ornately decorated clock in lightly burnished gold, this makes all the attention focus on the bed.

Put more attention on the bed by having it cleverly unmade. A profusion of pillows with the cases picked out in the same colors as the queen bedspread, a woven throw with ribbons in hydrangea, and a pretty, embroidered bolster would make a perfect vignette of the bed.

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Create a Cozy Vignette with a Striking Queen Bedspread