How to increase the speed of Reliance Jio Sim with Snap VPN

If you are facing the same issue of speed on reliance Jio 4g then this article can be useful for you. In this post we will tell you how to increase the speed of reliance jio sim. This is now become common to face slow speed of internet on Jio sim. But no problem at all you can increase your Reliance Jio Sim internet speed with just these simple steps. These steps are so easy that anyone can follow these steps to increase the speed of reliance JIO

If you facing a issue of slow speed on Jio sim then you can easily increase the speed of 4g on your device by just reading and following steps mentioned below. These are easy and anyone can easily do these steps.

How to increase the speed of Reliance Jio 4g internet

As everyone knows that Reliance Jio Sim comes up with free internet but now the speed sometimes become so slow that you can’t even download a 5Mb song in 5 minutes.  So to increase speed of 4g on relaince jio sim, these is one single step and process. This will definitely increase the speed. The best way to increase speed is SNAP VPN. Snap VPN, now what is Snap VPN?, Where to get Snap VPN? How to use Snap VPN? All your questions are answered below:

What is Snap VPN?

Snap VPN is an application which is available on Google Play Store in free. This application will give you a choice to connect to fully powered proxy servers which will help you to increase the speed of your internet. You can connect to any server and access full speed internet.

How to download and Use Snap VPN, to increase the speed of Reliance JioGo to Google Play Store on your PhoneSearch SNAP VPNOpen the appConnect to any server which have full signal, and it will get connected in 15 seconds

After connection, download anything and you will see the difference of your downloading speed yourself.
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Snap VPN will increae the speed of the downloading and browsing, but it is mentioned in the app that don’t use it on downloading torrents. And also after connecting with Snap VPN, don’t use hotspot.

It may be or may not be work. In my case when i download snap vpn. The speed automatically increase on phone, but when i connected it to the laptop then it don’t work. So use it on phone only with the full speed

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How to increase the speed of Reliance Jio Sim with Snap VPN