Long lasting SCULPTURA injectable Board
Long lasting SCULPTURA injectable Board

What is SCULPTRA® Aesthetic ?

SCULPTRA® Aesthetic is an injectable that addresses the underlying cause of aging by working within the deep dermis to help your skin gradually replace and build collagen.

SCULPTRA® Aestheti uses a synthetic material known as “poly-L-lactic acid as its primary ingredient.”   Poly-L-lactic acid is a biocompatible, biodegradable material that is easily absorbed into the body. You can trust its safety because it has been widely used for over 40 years in dissolvable stitches, screws, plates, soft tissue implants, and other types of implants. No patch test is required with SCULPTRA® Aesthetic.

SCULPTRA® Aesthetic differs from traditional, static fillers such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.  It is a stimulatory product that causes the gradual growth of  collagen within the body. It requires a special understanding of how it works, where it can be used, and how it should be injected.

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Why use SCULPTRA® Aesthetic ?

SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments are a relatively discreet way to create a younger-looking appearance.   SCULPTRA® Aesthetic can provide natural-looking results gradually as it works to rebuild collagen. It takes 4-6 weeks for the results to start to become visible.  SCULPTRA® Aesthetic full face lifting effect usually lasts up to 4-5 years – much longer than traditional, static fillers including hyaluronic acid and collagen. 

SCULPTRA® Aesthetic is intended for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy).  It is ideal for deep tissue filling to smooth out and soften lines and wrinkles, restore facial volume, contour the face in a natural way. Because SCULPTRA® Aesthetic is a natural method of volume restoration that lasts up to 5 years it is included as an important tool for cosmetic rejuvenation.

While SCULPTRA® Aesthetic can last three to five years, it is a rather expensive product which may require multiple treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. SCULPTRA® Aesthetic is only suggested for people suffering from major facial fat loss. SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments were FDA approved as cosmetic filler in 2009 after being used since 2004 (in the US) for treatment of major fat loss situations. Dr. Morris Ritz will discuss facial treatment procedure options with you to determine what option seems best for you.

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 Where to use SCULPTRA® Aesthetic?

SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments are best applied to the lower part of the face around the mouth to replace fat loss naturally and gradually by replacing collagen.  Specifically, this would include the smile lines, the lines framing your mouth and chin wrinkles.

How does SCULPTRA® Aesthetic work?

We all face the natural aging process whereby our skin gets thinner and starts to wrinkle. This partly caused by losing the fat that used to fill out our faces. This makes our faces look narrow and thin making us look more tired and older than we actually are.

SCULPTRA® Aesthetic stimulates your body to build up it’s own collagen. The effect is to gradually and naturally reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles to give you a more youthful appearance.

Who benefits from SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments?

Most people, from their 20’s onward can benefit from SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments. People in their 20’s benefit because it keeps their collagen reserves active and keeps their skin tight. 30 and 40 year olds can use it to address lines and wrinkles and fat loss by stimulating collagen naturally. For people in their 50’s, and onward, SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments help restore facial volume and improve the jaw line without surgery.

Where should I get my SCULPTRA® Aesthetic treatments?

Dr. Morris Ritz is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience with skin-enhancement procedures with SCULPTRA® Aesthetic. The Chief/Vice Chief of Plastic Surgery Exempla Lutheran Medical Center since 1994, Dr. Morris Ritz offers the best expertise and care available. Specific SCULPTRA® Aesthetic injection experience is critical to ensure your personal safety and for getting desirable results. Importantly, Dr. Morris Ritz will make sure that you are presented with the most appropriate options for your particular condition and objectives.

A review Dr. Morris Ritz’s credentials will demonstrate that he has the education, training, certification and experience thoughtful patients look for. Dr. Morris Ritz will go over the relevant issues associated with a SCULPTRA® Aesthetic lip lift procedure with each patient, including potential side effects, the impact of your current medications and smoking, and optional procedures that may be appropriate the achieve your desired results. Of course, Dr. Morris Ritz will be there after the procedure to help reduce the risk of potential complications.

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Make Custom Animations with Animeeple Free 3D Animation Software
Make Custom Animations with Animeeple Free 3D Animation Software

Make Custom Animations with Animeeple Free 3D model Animation Software With an ever-increasing demand for inexpensive 3D models from the casual gamer and independent game developer market, new software solutions are appearing at a dizzying pace. On the one hand, there are web-based applications such as Evolver that allow the user to design and clothe a humanoid 3D model online in real-time. The user can then buy their creation for use in games, as online avatars or for 3D renderings.

However, there is an equal demand for affordable animations to apply to such models, as convincing 3D animation requires great skill and is a time consuming task. A variety of software solutions have been developed to ease the 3D animation process, including simplified animation programs such as Daz 3D Studio, the Mixamo online 3D character animation service, and Animeeple, which is a free to download 3D animation program.

3D Computer Animation with Animeeple.

Animeeple is very easy to use in comparison to the majority of 3D animation programs, and has a number of useful features. A 3D model loaded into the software has the Animeeple skeleton applied to it, and the user can select from a vast number of animations which are then retargeted to the rig, thus animating the 3D model. These standard animations can then be made into refined custom animations using easy to control procedural modifiers to edit the existing animation. Custom alterations can include both layered and sequential animations.

Additional content can be purchased from the affordable catalogue of models 3D models and animations available in the Animeeple marketplace. A user can even upload their own 3D content to sell to other users in the marketplace.

Animeeple 3D Animation Software Services Popular Game Engines.

Animeeple can export to the Collada file format, as well as BVH and XML. The option to add FBX export exists for $49.99, which makes 3D content animated within Animeeple instantly game-ready for most popular game engines, such as Unity and Torque 3D. Animeeple also allows Evolver users to import 3D creations from Evolver into Animeeple to see how their model looks in 3D before purchasing it.

Animeeple Competes with the Best 3D Animation Programs .

Animeeple might not provide the extensive features of professional 3D animation software packages such as Autodesk Maya or Hash Inc’s Animation Master. Read on * What is 3D Spline Modeling and Patch Modeling? * 3D Daz Studio: Free Software Review * Express Animator: Cartoon Maker However, for the independent game creator, hobbyist animator or student of 3D animation, the toolset is easily navigatable, is comprehensive enough to create elegant skeletal animation, and has a gentle learning curve that will have the user animating in no time. And, unlike the price tag of other animation programs, Animeeple is available to download for free.

Free 3D Animation Software Download Requires Premium Content.

The only real downside to the “free” tag applied to Animeeple is that it only comes into its own by purchasing a small library of base animations from the Animeeple marketplace. This is a similar marketing ploy to that operated by Daz 3D Studio, which is almost valueless without purchasing additional content and software plugins. However, the Animeeple animations are very affordable and high quality, and once purchased, can be used again and again.

Even if a user restricts themselves to the free animations available for use in Animeeple, this still provides an adequate foundation for any 3D project. Used as a starting point for custom animations, these animations can be applied to any 3D model.

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How Latex Mattress Draws So Much Attention
How Latex Mattress Draws So Much Attention

What makes latex mattresses a favorite choice among people? Well, this has something strange to do with our daily stresses of life we face. With life turning increasingly complicated and busy, where deadlines seem to rule us everyday, we tend to loose our sleep. This particular habit of ours gives room for many health problems. Adequate sleep and enough rest from harried schedules becomes the need of the hour. When competition is on the peak, we nearly tend decrease our sleeping hours. To have a sound sleep without having to think about any such worries, it is best advisable to buy latex mattresses. This is because these mattresses can provide us a better night’s sleep.

With durability and long lasting nature being its primary benefits, consumers will certainly not deny paying more for its quality. It is like a one time investment, wherein you need not think of any other mattresses for more than 30 years. In this fast-paced life, one-third of a life span is spent sleeping. Obviously, a comfortable and a sound sleep is very essential. A noteworthy factor about latex mattresses is that they are free from callous chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions. People with respiratory conditions, backache problems or skin problems can buy latex mattresses because of the support and comfort level they provide.

One of the main reasons that add to the popularity of latex mattresses is its ease of use and the wonderful feel of sleeping over it. Since it fits the contour of our body, fitting to our shape, we tend to get a sound sleep. Before, it could have been such a hectic life to wake up the next morning with full of backaches and other health conditions. Now, things have become much easier and quite reachable for us as well. You know what, latex mattresses come made from trees. Well you cannot get any better than that. When it comes to buying a new mattress, the cost of it can bother you much. What hold back and ask yourself, is money important than quality? For heaven’s sake, do not compromise the quality by buying cheap traditional mattresses. You will end up with a bad experience, together with serious health problems eventually.

Getting a better night’s sleep is more important than sleeping on a mattress that does not provide you the least comfort too. A latex mattress will eventually evade your backache problems and hence provide you all sorts of comfort for a happy sleep all through the night. Hold on and take proper decision prior to buying a mattress. Browse the net and get a database of information about the different latex mattresses available. Make haste and get one for yourself, if you are more concerned about having a comfortable sleep.

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A Definite Essay Created By What Appears To Be Forex Trade

The question “What is Forex trading?” can be answered in several different ways. Forex is the short name for foreign exchange currency market. This marketplace is responsible for trillions of transactions each day. The traders are located around the globe, but not in specific buildings. Instead, the transactions are handled over the Internet through institutions and individuals.

Each trade consists of a purchase of one currency and a sale of another nation’s currency at the same time. The change of the relationship of these two currencies over time is what makes a profit or loss on the trade. When you are exiting the position, you do the reverse action on the two individual currencies.

Most market trades occur in only a half dozen currency pairs. The most common transactions are those involving exchanges between the EURO, U. S. Dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, Australian dollar, Swiss franc and Canadian dollar. Sometimes the New Zealand dollar is considered in the above list. These pairs are described as one unit of the first currency compared to the units of the second currency.

The information presented to traders online is in a format called a trading platform. Different trading platforms have been developed. Some are very complex with market news, numerous indicators, different time charts and opinions from experts who know the market. Others present the basic information. Introducing brokers will typically offer a trading platform to clients at no cost. In some cases, choosing a broker and a platform is a matter of personal preference. You should experiment with the virtual platform to see which works best for you.

Traders have access to many different indicators. The computer software included with the trading platforms might provide a real time moving average, momentum measurements and Bollinger bands, just to mention a few. For some traders, a moving average using two or more time frames is all the information needed to determine when to enter or exit a trade.

Brokers contact investors to set up accounts. These firms set up managed accounts or facilitate individual trader account through online and telephone contacts. Most brokerages offer training modules or assistance for those who are not totally familiar with the entire process. A novice can receive personal one-on-one training when learning how the information on the platform can be accessed and managed.

Perhaps the major benefit that novice traders can access is the virtual accounts that are offered on most of the trading platforms and brokerages. You can watch the actions of the FX market in real time. You can use the indicators and market studies just as paying traders do. The virtual accounts operate in exactly the same was as a standard account does. You don’t need to pay a fee to use the platform. Usually you are allowed to practice as long as you like with virtual funds.

Determining what is Forex trading can open up a whole new way of investing funds. You need to be aware of the risks involved. No trade should be incurred without understanding the impact it will have on your finances, should the trade go against you.

Build your very own tailor made forex trading systems today using Tradeforgefx and transform them all right into cash flow implementing equipment.

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Healthy Living for Over 50’s

The baby boomer generation is leading longer, healthier lives than previous generations. Food habits and physical activity play a major role in healthy living. If you are over 50, here are a few simple ways to stay active and healthy.

Develop healthy eating habits:

The key to weight loss is to expend more calories than you consume. As we age our metabolism slows down which means that energy requirement declines, especially when physical activity is restricted.  Energy requirement for an average man in his 50’s is around 2550 kcal per day and for a woman it is around 1900 kcal per day. The quality of food is an important factor affecting a healthy lifestyle. Starch based food such as pasta, rice and bread should form the base food, besides a nutrient rich diet of fruits, vegetables and low fat meat or fish. The NIH or National Institute of Health recommends the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) plan which includes consuming less of salt, sodium, sugar and red meat. A healthy tip to reduce the intake of salt is to banish the salt shaker from your dining table. Also, reach for a fruit to satisfy your sugar craving.
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Stay Active:

Just because you retire from work does not mean that you have to retire from the active life. In fact, retirement is a time to explore new adventures and hobbies. The National Institute of Aging suggests that people over 50 need a minimum of 150 minutes of light to medium activity per week. This could include cycling (seek an opinion from your family physician first), gardening, walking, yoga, etc. Stop if you experience signs of discomfort like dizziness, palpitations, and don’t hesitate to seek help if these symptoms persist.

Adopt a Positive Attitude:

Giving back to the society is a great way to stay positive. Organizations like the AARP offer volunteering opportunities to those who’d like to help their community. It shifts focus from our problems and helps to put the needs of others ahead of our own. Staying positive alleviates stress and prevents stress related diseases like hypertension.


Retirement offers the time and opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Joining an adult community for active retirees is also great way to make new friends and build a social network.

By retiring you are only withdrawing yourself from a work oriented world and not from a fun filled world. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps to enjoy the new chapter in life.

Create a Cozy Vignette with a Striking Queen Bedspread
Create a Cozy Vignette with a Striking Queen Bedspread

It’s What People Notice Most It’s quite obvious to anyone that the center of attention in any room is the bed. After all, it’s the biggest piece of furniture in there and is what most people see upon entering a bedroom.
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And while a king or California king-sized bed would overwhelm most rooms, the queen-sized bed is one that many people feel comfortable with. After all, it can fit nicely into a smallish or mid-sized room while still looking large enough for a bigger one. It’s a bed size that is a great compromise for most homes.

Why Forget the Bed?

Unfortunately, people do tend to ignore the bed when decorating. It’s a shame, since having a spectacular bed would do so much into putting your personality into your bedroom. One way to do this is to create a vignette near or with your bed. The base of all this would be your queen bedspread, naturally.

Choose a queen bedspread that would complement the bedroom but not blend into it so much that it disappears entirely. One good suggestion is to let the bedspread pick up the colors used to decorate the room. For example, beautiful floral damask or a toile could be the inspiration for the room itself.

Create a Look

A bedspread make from a chintz with a butter-yellow background and decorated with bouquets of blue hydrangeas, white orange blossoms, and pinks could well inspire a room with happy, buttery walls livened up with a hydrangea blue stripe, a lounge chair done in blue fabric with a hand-woven pillow of white, yellow, and pink stripes, and a carved nightstand topped with a small pitcher of creamy white and filled with a profusion of white, yellow, and pink tea roses. Standing beside a light purple-blue lamp with a cream shade and an ornately decorated clock in lightly burnished gold, this makes all the attention focus on the bed.

Put more attention on the bed by having it cleverly unmade. A profusion of pillows with the cases picked out in the same colors as the queen bedspread, a woven throw with ribbons in hydrangea, and a pretty, embroidered bolster would make a perfect vignette of the bed.

5 Tips For Weight Loss – An Alternative Approach, Hypnosis
5 Tips For Weight Loss – An Alternative Approach, Hypnosis

A major issue with any change is that people sometimes have aspirations, but expect to continue doing the same thing and get a different result. It was Einstein who described this as the height of insanity. Be honest with yourself – If you’ve tried a number of different without long-term results then DIETS DON’T WORK. Say goodbye forever to calorie counting, meal plans, weigh-ins, dieting pills, questionable diet food products and the other nonsense out there. It takes a little bit of courage and you can do it!

Food is not the enemy; the way you perceive food may have become something that you need to work on though. How does the way you think about food differ from a naturally slim person? Has food become a crutch? Do you look at food as something to be enjoyed or as something you have to resist, feel guilty about or fight against constantly? What does this ‘constant battle mentality’ do for you?

Have you ever considered the emotional triggers which cause you to overeat? To be aware of them you need to be really honest with yourself. Do you eat when you’re stressed, bored or when you feel elated at something? Are you aware of what you need to be aware of? I have found that when people deal with the underlying emotional side of overeating their eating habits change long-term.
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Are you being flexible enough or do you allow perfectionist tendencies to trip you up? If you have a day when you overeat after eating appropriately for ten days do you beat yourself up and engage with negative self-talk? Do you see the bigger picture and the pointlessness of guilt or are you focusing in on negativity?

Do you love your body and yourself? Doing both will help you to reduce your weight. Loving yourself refers more to self acceptance and positive self-talk rather than an egotistical type of self love which is based on insecurity. I have found that a lot of people associate reduced weight with improved self-esteem, but actually it’s the other way round – improve your self esteem, reduce your weight.

Weight Watcher Starter Kit
Weight Watcher Starter Kit

Weight watchers has been around for over 40 years and there’s a reason. Their weight loss plan is solid and they keep up with our changing world, which is why the 1990’s saw the introduction of points.  To get started show up at a weight watchers club meeting and you’ll be enrolled and receive your very own weight watcher starter kit.

Since weight watchers is available in more than 30 countries there is likely a weight watcher’s club near you.  So look them up online or in your phone book.  Weight watchers is available in almost every town and city and they often have offers to encourage you to sign up.  Many times they waive the fee to join depending on the current promotion.

When you are ready you sign up you show up at one of the weekly meetings.  There you will be weighed in and a log will be started for you.  When you are weighed it is private between you and your counselor.  There is no need to share these weights with anyone else.  Next you’ll have a discussion with your counselor about your lifestyle and you weight loss goals. You will then be asked to enter the introductory meeting area where the entire process will be explained including the most important point system with is how it all comes together.  You will then receive your weight watcher starter kit, which will get you started.  After that you will have to weigh in each week and partake in the meeting.

Weight watchers is unique in that it lets you eat whatever you want.  The key is being sensible about what you eat and how much you eat.  Exercise is encouraged to be combined with the weight watchers diet, or should we say non-diet.

Weight watchers is about more than just losing weight.  It’s about individuals coming together to provide encouragement for each other.  It’s like a private little club with the added goal of losing extra pounds.  It would cost a fortune to get into such an elite club if it was for anything else and weight watchers only costs around $40 to sign up and you get your weight watcher starter kit.

One of the reasons weight watchers is so successful is because of the group effort that creates such a great support system, something missing with almost any other diet plan.

There is no need to struggle through it all.  Having a rough day ?  Log onto weight watchers online, drop into a forum and chat your way through the tough times.  It’s a great extra resource.

Your weight watcher starter kit will get you moving in the right direction and soon you’ll have a full understanding of the point system, know how to make the most out of your meals and your points, and how to shed those points and then make lifestyle changes so extra pounds are never a problem again.  It all begins with that first stop at the weekly weight watchers meeting and your very own weight watcher starter kit.  What are you waiting for ?
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Water Help to Lose Weight
Water Help to Lose Weight

Can Water help to lose weight?

When it comes to losing weight, you need all the help you can get – at least if you’re among the majority of dieters.

With that in mind, it’s no secret that water is a necessity when it comes to shedding those unwanted pounds.

Experts have been telling us this for years.

But just how effective is water when it comes to losing weight? The basic idea behind any weight-loss program is that you consume fewer calories than you burn up.

Sounds fairly straightforward, but how exactly does water play a role here?

The first thing you need to know is that water contains 0 calories.

Therefore, you can drink as much as you want and not put on an ounce of weight – well, within reason anyway.

If you have a water retention problem, you obviously can’t drink excess amounts of water without first checking with your doctor.

But for most of us, drinking water should be something we can do without fear of consequence – namely, gaining weight.

Is there any other beverage that can come close?

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In fact, not only are we encouraged to consume as much water as possible, it should become a regular part of our day if we want to maintain our weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

In contrast, sugar-based drinks (namely, carbonated soft drinks) are full of artificial ingredients, sugar, and empty calories. In fact, if you consume a few cans of soda pop per day, this is more than enough to cause your weight gain.

Really, there is that much sugar in soft drinks!

Compare that to water which contains 0 calories and flushes out your system in the process.

Is it any wonder why most diets specifically warn against consuming soft drinks?

So why are soft drinks so popular?

Well, it most likely has to do with taste.

They are made to taste good – period. Also, the carbonation can be quite a thirst quencher.

Unfortunately, for most folks, water can’t compete when it comes to taste.

In fact, many people don’t like the taste of water at all – which is perplexing to water lovers.

So what can you do if you simply don’t like the taste of water?

Well you could try filtering your tap water or buying spring water.

Quite often, a person’s belief about the unpleasant taste of water almost always stems from the fact that they are getting it straight from the faucet.

Water quality and taste will vary greatly from one municipality to the other.

Filtering will get rid of that chlorine and metallic taste. If all else fails, buy some bottled spring water and make sure it’s cold before you drink it.

Do this, and you may just change your mind and become a water lover yourself.

Try different brands of spring water until you find one you like.

They are not all the same and some contain higher levels of sodium and such.

Can water help to lose weight?

Yes, absolutely, but you must remember that water is not a substitute for food and should always be considered as a healthy supplement to a nutritious diet.

For example, try substituting water for juice or pop during meals.

Also, remember to start your day off with a large, refreshing glass of water to increase your alertness.

Drinking plenty of water during the day enhances your brain function and alertness.

Have you ever noticed how you can start suffering from headaches and tiredness if you don’t drink water during the day?

Try introducing water into your daily schedule even if it may take a little getting used to.

Aim for eight glasses per day and cut down on caffeine and sugary drinks. You might be pleasantly surprised at the positive effects it will have on your overall weight.

Can water help in your quest to lose weight? Absolutely!

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Recently, people have become more and more interested in the Kelly Osbourne weight loss diet, especially as she is seen amongst slim co-presenters on American TV.

It is always interesting to see how the rich and famous lose weight to see if there are any gems we can gleam from them, any short cuts, or whether it just comes down to hard work.

Before delving into the details of Kelly’s routine, it is very important to take note of what she attributes her weight loss to…”making a commitment to yourself and making sure you do what is needed on a daily basis”.  In fact, she actually said “there is no secret”.

Kelly has made a crucial point here, because you can learn all the tips, tricks and strategies you like, unless you are willing to commit to a program and take action consistently, you are not going to lose weight.

With all that said, you can take comfort from the fact that if Kelly can do it, somebody who has struggled with her weight in the past, then you can do it too.

The first thing we noticed with her eating habits, is she is following the proven strategy of eating little and often.  This prevents the stomach from stretching, and also helps increase metabolism.

Eating Habits

She starts the day with healthy breakfast which consists of bran or oatmeal with low fat milk / skimmed milk, and a couple of eggs.

She will then have a mid morning snack, either cucumber or pickles.  You could equally have something like carrot, grapes, apple or most types of fruit.

For her lunch, she will have chicken, normally grilled as this ensures is will be lower in fat.  If you remove the skin, it will be even lower in fat.  Avoid frying it at all costs.  This will normally be accompanied by a salad and chick peas.

Then she will have a mid-afternoon snack, such as low fat cheese or Jell-O.  Having these scheduled mid-morning and afternoon snacks are good as you are never too far away from the next meal, and your body is less inclined to start storing fat reserves.

For the main dinner, Kelly will have a low fat meat such as turkey with steamed vegetables.  Remember, you can have as many vegetables as you like.  Not only is it good for your health, it is good for weight loss and you won’t go feeling hungry.

Later in the evening, if she starts feeling hungry towards bed time, she will have an apple, or a spinach salad.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Cut out the fatty food!

Notice there is no mention of potato crisps, or donuts, or anything fatty.  She also keeps away from fast food and microwavable processed foods, which are often high in sodium.  She has also practically eliminated soda drinks, as these are full of sugar and E numbers.

On the exercise front, she enjoys dancing which is very good for weight loss as well as fitness, and she has also become adept in Pilates.  This has helped her become more flexible, improve her posture as well as helping to shed unwanted pounds.

In conclusion, we can see that the short of it is, there are no secrets in the Kelly Osbourne weight loss routine, just healthy eating, a bit of exercise but most importantly, doing it on a regular basis.